I love Wellington’s houses. I stayed in three parts of the city to try to decide which neighbourhoods I liked best. the beautiful harbour views are taken from Roseneath, a smart part of the city, but one with no pub and therefore instantly ruled out. I walked from Berhampore to beautiful Island Bay, an amazing commuter spot which is closer to my new work than Lewisham was to the Cabinet Office. The road layouts are like a US-UK hybrid: grid intersections (on the flat sections of town only) combined with driving on the left. There are umpteen town parks, part of the town belt, created when the town was constructed to give those ill city workers a chance to improve their health, and also to encourage property price rises by restricting the development opportunities. In this gallery you will also see the first in what will probably be quite a long series called ‘Blurry Photos of Unidentified Birds’.

General wandering: unknown
Berhampore to Island Bay: 6km

Kilometer-o-meter: 6km

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