Kaikoura is NZ’s whale watching centre. I am, of course, saving this pleasure for Bella’s visit. Instead I took a chance on a cloudy day, and ascended Mount Fyffe. This involved my largest ascent yet – 1400m – up to the summit at 1602m. A four-wheel drive track goes pretty much to the top, which I found slightly dull to walk. Never did I expect to find myself complaining about a track being too simple underfoot. But really I think the lack of distraction just made the pain in my legs and lungs more prominent… The cloud lifted as I ascended and I was hopeful about getting the full vista at the top. Everyone I’d met on their descent as I was climbing said there was zero visibility. I got a great view of the peninsula but sadly missed out on the Northern views of the sounds and (potentially) the North Island. I might go back… or I might find a more interesting way to get these views. I finished the day with a swim and a hot tub at the hostel.

Mt Fyffe: 9km

Kilometer-o-meter: 180km

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