Monday’s return ferry journey was much more pleasant, though I didn’t take any risks this time and chose a seat in the middle lower down. Made it home with enough time for a quick walk up the Tip Track in Wellington, this time with much better views that the first time round. I could even see the South Island from the top of my walk!

My climbing course (eek) has stolen the paddle board yoga slot so on Thursday I tried the 7am lesson. It seemed like a terrible idea when I left the house but when the sun came up on the water it was great. And I got the opportunity to take photos over the water at 7am and 8pm on the same day. Sadly when I arrived at work I realised I had forgotten a key part of clothing, having done the lesson in my swimming costume and leggings. Cue an awkward trip round the shops and a slightly flustered late arrival at my desk. Perhaps somewhat spoiling the effect of the Shavasana meditation at the end of the class.

The week ended with an evening paddle around the bays in Wellington. This time the instructor didn’t risk the wind so we didn’t get to go across the bay, which was a shame. But a lovely experience all the same, and the views of the Wellington nightlights were spectacular, as was the feeling of paddling over calm, dark waters. No photos sadly as I didn’t have a dry-bag for my camera. Maybe next time.

This week has been exceedingly active. What has happened to me? I am desperately sad that Summer might end and all this might have to stop.

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