– A tribute to Gergo Verhas –

To the power of new places to open my eyes
To a landscape of my own
To dreaming of mountains all day and all night
To the pursuit of the unknown

To the release of the summit, the end of the strain
The heady adrenaline flow
Only then looking up and breathing in
The world frozen still below 

To the motionless waves of peaks and ridgelines
Extending beyond my sight
To an eery sense of halted time
But for the wandering light

This is a tribute to what it has meant
To picture a journey with you
To be lifted from gloom by a sense of ascent
Imagining the view

This is a tribute to a window of light
A moment that only I know
This is a tribute to what you loved most
Being up where nobody goes.

Mckenzie Country is GOLD from Toby Read on Vimeo.

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