Baby, hiking

I’m a novice when it comes to hiking (tramping) with a baby. What should he wear? How do I keep him warm and happy? How do I feed on the trail without both of us getting minced alive by sandflies? But I’m going to learn and FAST. Because I figure we’ve got a short window available to get properly outdoors. Our Elmo* is four months old, so fairly amenable to following our outdoorsy will, but as soon as he gets his own ideas hiking is potentially going to get waaaaay more different.

So on these pages I will chart what I learn as I go, in the hope it may be useful to others looking to do the same.

Hiking with a 2-6 month old baby

…hiking with a 6-12 month old baby… to come

…hiking with a toddler… in denial about this eventuality… to come

*name changed for his privacy


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